Posted on 27. May 2010

Рост Silverlight технологии

На одном из мероприятий меня спросили, где можно посмотреть полный список возможностей каждой версии Silverlight расширения. Вот таблица возможностей Silverlight'а в каждой его версии:

 Silverlight Versions
Features 1.0 2 3 4
Cross-Browser Support for Firefox, IE, Safari
Cross-Platform Support for Windows and Mac (and Linux through the Moonlight Project)
2D Vector Animation/Graphics
AJAX Support
HTML DOM Integration
HTTP Networking
Canvas Layout Support
JavaScript Support
XAML Parser
Media – 720P High Definition (HD) Video
Media – Audio/Video Support (VC-1, WMV, WMA, MP3)
Media – Image Support (JPG, PNG)
Media - H.264 video and AAC audio Support    
Media Markers
Windows Media Server Support
Support for Visual Basic.NET and C#; Common Language Runtime (CLR) based languages  
Support for IronPython, IronRuby, Managed JScript, and other Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR) based languages  
Rich Core Framework (e.g. Generics, collections)  
Layout controls including StackPanel and Grid  
Full suite of Controls (TextBox, RadioButton, Slider, Calendar, DatePicker, DataGrid, ListBox, TabControl, and others)  
Managed Control Framework  
Templating Model  
Visual State Manager  
Isolated Storage  
Deep Zoom Technology  
Media – DRM Powered by PlayReady  
Media - Windows Media Audio 10 Professional support  
Media - MediaStreamSource for managed code media file parser and protocol extensibility  
High quality resizing  
Media - Basic SSPL Support  
Cross Domain Network Access  
Easy access to server-side data via Web Services  
Direct access to TCP sockets  
Interoperability with SOAP and REST services, including support for XML, JSON, RSS and Atom data formats  
LINQ (including LINQ to XML, LINQ to JSON, and LINQ to Entities)  
Duplex communications (“push” from Server to Silverlight client)  
Data Binding  
WCF Data Services  
Managed HTML Bridge  
Managed Exception Handling  
.NET Framework Security Enforcement  
Type Safety Verification  
Enhanced Keyboard Input Support  
File Upload Support (via WebClient API)  
WPF Compatibility  
Remote Debugging (PC and Mac)  
Out of Browser    
Network Status (Offline)    
Pixel Shader Effects    
Bitmap API    
Theming at runtime    
Enhanced Control Skinning    
Accessibility - System Colors    
Bitmap caching    
Perspective 3D    
GPU Hardware Acceleration (for video and bitmaps)    
Text Animation    
Raw A/V Support    
File Save Dialog    
DockPanel, WrapPanel, Viewbox    
Element to Element Binding    
Local Connection    
Binary XML    
Component Caching (share resources across apps)    
Scene caches (to Bitmap)    
Local Fonts      
WCF RIA Services      
Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF)      
Official Support for Google Chrome      
Output Protection for audio/video      
Multicast networking      
Offline DRM      
Trusted Applications (extended sandbox)      
IDispatch COM Interop      
Group policy object support      
Full keyboard in out-of-browser for trusted applications      
Cross-domain network access for trusted applications      
Custom window chrome      
Out of browser window settings (position, size etc.)      
Web Browser Control and Web Browser Brush      
Notification Toast      
Right-to-Left / BiDi Text